Don’t Wait Until Later

For workers' compensation cases, we suggest contacting us as soon as possible.  This way, we are able to review records as they come in and get to know you and your case as it develops, offering advice along the way.  When injured workers wait until they are rated or when a settlement offer is made by the employer, there are volumes of records to wade through.  Additionally, the injured worker may have missed out on benefits he/she was not aware of, because they did not have an attorney.

Some injured workers think the "wait and see" approach may help them save money by settling it themselves.  Sometimes the offer is $0 or very low, sometimes workers are asked to resign.  Many questions may come up.  By this time, the injured worker will find it very difficult to find any attorney who is willing to jump in at the last minute.

Attorney's fees in workers' compensation cases are recovered ONLY if there is a settlement.  However, one main difference is that WC attorney fees are billed at an hourly rate AND subject to approval by the Department of Labor.

Call my office at (808) 518-4487 or e-mail [email protected] for more information and remember, don't wait until it's too late.